A Message for New Grads

You did it! You have accomplished a great feat, and what better reward is there than a diploma. Now that you are a graduate, the world around you is about to change. You are about to emerge into a new and exciting phase in your life filled with a challenging career, new friends and many diverse opportunities to explore.

As a recent graduate you might be wondering, how much should I be saving, how do I apply for grad school, what insurance best suites my needs? As a member, you can log into the website to retrieve a Grad Packet from Alpha Omega Epsilon. This packet will contain material that will make you feel at ease as you transition and continue to grow. The packet can be found under the Resources section of the website.

As you embark on new journeys remember to keep Alpha Omega Epsilon in your heart. There are many exciting ways to stay involved as an alumna. You can also continue to support the Sorority by upholding your financial responsibilities and fulfilling the Promissory Note. And don't forget to keep your contact information up to date on the Members page. The oaths you have taken with Alpha Omega Epsilon will stay true forever and always.