A Message for Family and Friends

Alpha Omega Epsilon is committed to enriching the lives of young women and helping them to achieve their goals. The values and goals upon which the organization was founded are pivotal in everything the Sorority accomplishes. Simply put, the women of Alpha Omega Epsilon perpetually strive for "friendship, leadership and professionalism." When your daughter, sister, or friend joins Alpha Omega Epsilon, you can be sure she is joining an organization with the highest ideals. From her experiences as a collegian, and one day as an alumna, she will have many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. We hope that as a parent, relative, or friend, you can continue to guide and support her through all her experiences.

Friendship is one of the core values of Alpha Omega Epsilon and is at the heart of every activity. When a member joins Alpha Omega Epsilon she can count on her sisters to always be there. It is a common sight to see A.O.E. sisters working on class assignments together, chatting over coffee, or attending each others weddings. Alpha Omega Epsilon members truly base their bonds of sisterhood in the friendships they build along the way!

Leadership is a quality all Alpha Omega Epsilon members strive for. The Sorority itself offers numerous opportunities for members to emerge as leaders at the Chapter and International level. Alpha Omega Epsilon women also continue to develop as leaders among their peers and in the community.

Professionalism is one of main values of Alpha Omega Epsilon. As members, we are forever reinventing ways to establish the female presence in the fields of engineering and technical sciences. The Sorority is dedicated to educating the community on the importance of women in these technical fields and encouraging young women to pursue technical careers. Alpha Omega Epsilon makes it a top priority to promote the welfare and interest of the profession.